Curried Corn

Curried Corn
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 15mins
5-6 whole corn chopped in half’s or 3rds
3 Tbsp oil
½ large onion (chopped) cone #2
3 Tbsp garlic (minced) cone #1
¾ tsp cumin seeds or powder
2 Tbsp curry powder
3 sprigs of thyme
½ cup cilantro
1 red bell pepper cone #3
1 can (15oz) coconut milk
½ tsp salt
In a large 7qt saute onions, bell pepper and garlic in oil for a few minutes.
Add cumin, curry, thyme, cilantro and pepper to onions and garlic and stir until curry is mixed well and is slightly pastey.
Add coconut milk and corn. Toss well.
Let simmer on /medium heat with lid on medium click low until corn is cooked and coconut mixture thickens slightly. About 15minutes.


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