Peanut Butter Maple Syrup Cookie

Easy Peanut butter cookie
1 cup unsalted natural peanut butter
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tsp salt
1/4 coconut flour or other
 Instructions-Preheat oven to 350.
In a food processor, combine all ingredients.
Using a cookie scoop, drop cookies onto a lined baking sheet.

Use a fork to flatten then and make the cross pattern.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Let cookies cool completely before removing from the baking sheet.

These cookies should keep for at least a week outside the fridge and longer in the fridge or freezer. Enjoy!!


Quinoa with Greens Salad & Lemon Pistachio Dressing

Quinoa with Greens Salad & Lemon Pistachio Dressing

1 1/2 cups quinoa  3 cups water
1/2  onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoons oil
zest and juice of one lemon
1 garlic clove, crushed
2 spring onions, thinly sliced
1/4 cup dried apricots, roughly chopped
1/4 cup pistachio nuts, roasted and roughly chopped
1 large bunch arugula or other greens
Sea salt and pepper to taste

Cook the quinoa and set aside.
While the quinoa is cooking, in the large 11 inch skillet, add the oil, garlic, onion and cook until golden brown. Stir in the greens, cook until it just begins to wilt, about 2-3 minutes. Remove pan from heat. Set aside and allow to cool. In a large bowl mix together the lemon juice and zest, garlic, spring onions, apricots, and pistachios.  Stir in the quinoa, brown rice, and onion and greens. Season with salt and pepper, olive oil to taste. Serve at room temperature


Cheesy Sweet Potato & Chickpea lemon Tahini

Cheesy Sweet Potato & Chickpea with
Lemon Tahini Sauce

2 large sweet potatoes (or about 3 small ones), cut cone #3 little oil
2 to 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast
a few dashes of garlic powder
a few dashes of smoked paprika
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups cooked chickpeas (or one 15-ounce can, rinsed and drained)
8-ounces of crimini or button mushrooms, sliced
2 tablespoons liquid aminos (or tamari/soy sauce)
2 tablespoons fresh or 2 teaspoons dried herbs of choice (thyme, basil, parsley, oregano, whatever)
1 bunch of greens of choice (spinach, kale, chard, collards, whatever), chopped (thick stems removed)
1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

lemon tahini sauce
1/2 cup tahini
1/4 cup water
juice of 1 lemon lemon juice
2 tablespoons maple syrup
Sea salt
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
toasted pepitas, optional
Preheat the EOS  to 350 degrees  Toss Sweet potato with a small amount of oil  toss Sprinkle the nutritional yeast, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper over the them and toss to coat. Spread the sweet potatoes out in the EOS Bake for 20-30 mins or until easily pierced with a fork. Toss them once halfway through to ensure even cooking. Once the potatoes have been in the oven for about 20 minutes, combine the chickpeas and mushrooms in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the tamari and herbs of your choice and let cook, stirring occasionally, until mushrooms are tender. Stir in the greens and cook until just beginning to wilt. Add the lemon juice, salt, and pepper and remove from the heat.  Top sweet potato with the chickpea/mushroom mixture. Drizzle with lemon tahini sauce and sprinkle with toasted pepitas, if using. Enjoy!
Yield: serves 2-4


Chipotle Corn Almond Soup

Chipotle Corn Almond Soup
1 cup whole almonds
1½ cup diced shallots
1 tsp chipotle powder
2 cups corn kernels (frozen is fine)
3 cups vegetable broth
salt to taste
shredded greens and extra corn kernels for garnish (optional)
Blend the almonds and the water in the blender. They don't need to be absolutely fine, so keeping small chunks is okay. Set aside.
In a 5 qt roaster pre heat over medium heat. Add the shallots and cook until they begin to sweat — about three minutes. Add the chipotle powder, stir, and then add the corn kernels.
Cook the corn, stirring, until they're totally thawed. Add the almonds, with their liquid, and the vegetable broth. Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and carefully blend  1/2 the sop until smooth. Add salt to taste. Serve with extra corn kernels, shredded greens, and a sprinkle of chipotle powder
Soak the almonds in one cup of room-temperature water, for at least 4 hours. When the almonds are ready, proceed with the recipe (and do not discard the water).

Cabbage Slaw with Citrus Cumin Vinaigrette Coleslaw

Cabbage Slaw  with Citrus Cumin Vinaigrette Coleslaw
 1/2 Cabbage cone #4 red or green
Other veggies – carrot or beet – whatever you like
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 cloves garlic, cone #1
1/4 cup olive oil
little water
mix in

Giardiniera Pickled Veggies

 (Makes 2 quarts)
1/2 head cauliflower, chopped into small florets cone #3
3-4 large carrots, peeled and cut with cone #3
2 celery stalks, chopped
6-7 large radishes, sliced
1/2 red onion, diced
1 red pepper, diced
4-5 garlic cloves, sliced
4 serrano peppers, sliced
2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried thyme
bit of ground pepper
For the Brine:
3 1/2  cups white vinegar
1 cup water
1 tsp salt
2 dried bay leaves
Divide the chopped vegetables evenly between 2 sterilized quart jars.  Pack them in there!  Divide the oregano, thyme, and pepper between the two jars, as well.  place one bay leaf in each jar.  Pour the brine into each of the jars Place a lid on them, give a shake and refrigerate.  Contents will be fully ready within a day.  If you’re impatient, you may even try them sooner.